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Streetwear dresses for the fresh girls among you
How do we associate streetwear with dresses? Well, we'll show you! Our dresses are the it-piece for summer. Or the chilled Swadder for the Shietwadder out there. Our streetwear dresses are a kind of hybrid between streetwear and elegance. They could easily be of extraterrestrial origin. In any case, the streetwear dresses are just what you need if you want to be chilled and stylish and at the same time bring a certain elegance to the street.

Streetwear dresses presented: from the Skörti to the Ellie Goldisch
Our Skörti dress is hot stuff for you young goers. Almost looks like a professional athlete. The two stripes on the neck, hem and sleeves elegantly round off our streetwear dresses. The Ellie Goldisch Dress is a little more relaxed. This long hoodie features a beautiful 3D print on the chest and KLNGKT embroidery on the hood and sleeves. Wearing the streetwear dresses completely in black, you could almost rock the next wedding with them! Of course, our streetwear dresses are also available in other colourways.

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