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Surprise Package - Clothes and what to expect

We all love a great gift or a wonderful surprise package. Clothing is actually the third most popular gift in Germany. In our case, play - fun - excitement means surprise package - clothing - style. These three elements await you. However, it wouldn't be a surprise package if you knew what you were getting. Nevertheless, we would like to explain this to you briefly. You should at least have a rough idea of ​​what you will be surprised with or what clothes your friends will receive. A great gift for Christmas, birthdays or just for your best friend.

These products might surprise you We offer four categories in total. This includes the surprise packages for Bois, Görls and in sweat style for Bois and Görls. With this we cover both the warm and the cold days. You have the choice between t-shirts or sweaters. True to the motto "Let yourself be surprised" you only have one option. You can choose the appropriate size. The rest is a surprise! Clothing comes with one of our motifs. It can also be a round cut, open cut or straight cut. In terms of color, we orientate ourselves towards white, black, celadon, light grey, navy blue and khaki. Let us surprise you!

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