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Hello Hoodie - the chilled variant for comfortable contemporaries
Our Hello Hoodie combines everything you need for the bad weather: warmth and comfort. Sort of like the warm fireplace while the waves are breaking outside. The Nordic boys and girls are hardened anyway. Everyone who feels drawn to the North belongs to the North Germans at heart. The Moin Hoodie fits both men and women. If it's too big, no problem. Up north nobody cares what you look like. But if you wear the Moin Hoodie in plus size, you will still be celebrated. Why? Well, because of the Moin!

Moin hoodie with different motifs
The Moin at the Moin Hoodie is not enough. That's why we chose different motifs. These motifs are not too bulky and do not overwhelm your counterpart. We like big motifs, but it has to fit. Since the North Germans are all rather relaxed and comfortable, a small "Moin" on the chest is enough. Alternatively, you can also opt for a dove in a sailor look with the Moin Hoodie. Why? Well, because the pigeon belongs to the north, like the sailors! So that the Moin Hoodie is complete, we have decided on a small Moin lettering. Inconspicuous, beautiful and immediately recognizable for a true North German!

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