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Hello ladies - details for real fans
The search for a suitable Moin sweater for women is sometimes difficult. However, you have not come across our site without a reason. Because we have exactly the Moin sweater for women that you will like. In winter, the Moin sweater for women keeps you toasty warm. Add a cup of tea and you're all set for a wonderful day at the North Sea. Crafted from at least 70 percent soft cotton, this sweater is both comfortable and stylish. In addition, of course, there is the eye-catcher and our pride and joy: the Moin motifs! They give the Moin sweater ladies their own personal touch.

Moin sweater meets dove or lettering
Exactly! We combine our Moin sweater for women with a dove. Or a lettering. How it works? Very simple: we put the pigeon in a sailor's outfit, told our graphic designer to make something out of it and we made a positive statement for the north German region. Of course we thought of the Moin when we designed the Moin sweater for women. Look closely, you will definitely find the lettering. Not to forget: with its flattering fit, this sweater is perfect for every occasion, not just at the North Sea!

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