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Hello men's pullover – ideal for bad weather
Our Moin sweater men is perfect for every seasoned man. Because nothing knocks you off track. What is a violent storm to others is just a brush wind to you. True to the motto "The storm only comes when the sheep have no more curls" you walk through the icy wind, enjoy the cold weather and never complain. why. With the Moin sweater for men you are well equipped for walks, at the sea or simply at home in a beach chair. Also applies to slightly colder summer days. Our Moin sweater men are made of 70 percent cotton. Stylish, beautiful, matching the Nordic weather.

Also as a gift: Our Moin sweater for men
The Nordic boys don't need a special occasion to give away our Moin sweaters for men. Sure, there is Christmas, St. Nicholas, the maypole, many village festivals and other days, but this Moin sweater for men can always be given as a gift. Many of our porters have spent their vacations in the area. Wanderlust is not uncommon. So if you notice that your colleague has wanderlust, then surprise him with the Moin sweater for men. No matter what the occasion, he will be happy about this dreamlike sweater.

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