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Moin T-Shirt - make your personal statement
In the north, people greet each other with "Moin!". Regardless of whether the chance encounters know each other or are complete strangers. Over time, the term has established itself in other areas of Germany. The word stands for "Hello" and is not an abbreviation for "Good morning". Probably the reason why non-locals look so strange when greeting. The Moin T-shirt is not only suitable for genuine North Germans. The Moin t-shirt is ideal for you if you are drawn to the Nordic side or just want to silently greet each person. There is also sometimes confusion as people mistake the Moin t-shirt for a “good morning” greeting.

Moin T-Shirt - unobtrusive and chic
Our Moin T-shirt comes in different motifs for men and women. We have the popular inscription in several variants. Once as a kind of cursive (everyone knows it from school) or with a white or black background. The Moin pigeon shoots the bird in the truest sense of the word. Dressed in a sailor outfit, the Moin T-shirt makes it clear where we are headed. Just pay attention to where we hid the "Moin". Complete your outfit with the Moin T-shirt - for men and women.

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