Casual clothing is one of the most popular looks in everyday private and professional life. Here you will find out what the term casual means, what constitutes casual style and how you can implement it in a stylish manner.

What does casual clothing mean and what does casual style look like?

The English term “casual” can be translated into German as “casual”, “informal” or “casual”. The casual style stands for a relaxed look that is comfortable and sporty, but at the same time chic enough for the public. Sweatpants and hoodies are not part of the typical casual outfit - just like ties and high heels.

Casual clothing is definitely body-hugging, but not skin-tight. When it comes to materials for casual clothing, comfortable and stylish fabrics such as cotton and cashmere are also used.

Casual clothing

When and where do you wear casual clothing/casual wear?

Casual wear as a generic term must be distinguished from leisure wear. The latter refers to conventional office clothing, i.e. the classic suit, tie and suit. Casual wear, on the other hand, means clothing for all unofficial occasions - i.e. for everyday tasks such as shopping or doctor's visits, leisure activities or meetings with friends and family.

However, most companies no longer have rigid dress codes. Classic leisure wear is almost only mandatory in very conservative industries or on official occasions. Casual clothing has now also conquered the world of work. In most professions, a casual outfit is completely appropriate. This is shown by variations of casual styles such as smart casual and business casual. Casual clothing can be styled correctly and worn in any context. The only time you shouldn't just show up in a casual look is at festive occasions such as weddings, receptions or other celebrations.

Dos and Don'ts of Casual Clothing

Dos for casual clothing

The casual look is made up of natural yet elegant items of clothing. In order to choose the right pieces, you should consider the following dos:

  • natural and muted colors, plain colored parts

  • Figure-hugging but not skin-tight clothing

  • high-quality materials such as cotton, cashmere or linen

  • subtle jewelry and light makeup

  • at least knee-length skirts and shorts

Don'ts with casual clothing

When it comes to casual clothing, the following applies: less is more. Eye-catching cuts, colors and patterns are therefore less suitable for styling a casual look. The following don'ts should be taken into account when wearing casual clothing:

  • flashy colors and color combinations, especially neon or glitter

  • eye-catching patterns and prints

  • unusual decorations such as ruffles or bows

  • Destroyed or used look

  • skin-tight tops, pants and skirts

  • Deep necklines in the décolleté, stomach, shoulders or legs (applies to women and men!)

  • unusual accessories such as large chains or caps

  • Evening makeup with false eyelashes, dark eyeshadow, etc.

  • Classic leisure wear: evening dresses, ties or high heels

Must-have casual clothing

With just a few must-haves, you can always style your casual look in a variety of ways. We have put together our must-haves for women and men.

Must-haves for women

  • Dark wash mom jeans

  • beige trousers

  • white shirt with crew neck

  • white and black long sleeve shirt

  • Turtleneck sweater in white, beige and black

  • Blouse plain and striped

  • floor and knee length summer dress

  • Blazer in black, dark blue and beige

  • beige cardigan

  • Denim jacket

  • Leather jacket

  • Trench coat

  • Leather belt

  • white sneakers

  • Leather sandals

Must-haves for men

  • Dark wash jeans

  • beige chinos or cloth trousers

  • white shirt with crew neck

  • Plain polo shirt

  • Plain long-sleeved shirt

  • Shirt with a loose fit, plain, striped and small patterns

  • Turtleneck sweater in white, beige and black

  • Round neck sweater in subtle colors

  • Jacket in black, dark blue and beige

  • Denim jacket

  • Leather jacket

  • Trench coat

  • Leather belt

  • white sneakers

  • Leather boots

Casual Chic / Smart Casual Clothing

The casual chic look, sometimes also called smart casual, is the fusion of casual and leisure wear. Casual clothing is combined with conventional items of clothing such as blazers, jackets and suit trousers. Dark jeans with a neat wash and white sneakers can be combined with a shirt or blouse and a jacket or blazer. This means you can create a casual business look in no time at all, so you can be dressed appropriately in practically any context. Muted colors from white to beige and brown to dark blue, gray and black are perfect for the casual chic look. Small style highlights from leisure wear such as pumps or pocket squares are also permitted here. Casual chic has now replaced the classic business style in most industries and is not only a popular look in the start-up world.

Casual chic for women

To style a typical casual chic look, women only need dark wash jeans or trousers, a white blouse or shirt and a dark blazer. Depending on your personal taste, the outfit can be rounded off with elegant white sneakers or pumps. A subtle necklace, earrings and a bangle as accessories provide accents. Throw on a beige trench coat and voilà – the casual chic look is complete.

Casual chic for men

For the casual chic look, men combine a classic leisure wear with casual clothing. Dark jeans and a white shirt or T-shirt are enhanced by a jacket. The other way around, the suit trousers can also be combined with a shirt and sweater. Depending on the season, elegant leather sneakers or boots complete the look.

Business casual clothing

The business casual look is a little more formal than casual chic. Here, the relaxation of the dress code is primarily limited to ties and bow ties, which can be left out. Suit and shirt or blazer, trousers and blouse are still mandatory. Jeans are taboo in this dress code. It is becoming more and more common to see that leather sneakers are accepted in the business casual dress code, especially for women, but pumps and suit shoes are also traditionally available.

Casual clothing in the office – is that appropriate?

Most offices today have a casual dress code. Suits, ties and costumes are a thing of the past in most companies. The casual chic look has arrived in every industry, especially in women's fashion. If you are unsure, just ask what dress code is required. In general, you can remember: Nobody has to be fancier than the boss. But things shouldn't be too cozy and casual at work - this also applies to video conferences from the home office.

The day for casual clothing: Casual Friday

Casual Friday is actually obsolete today. Introduced in the United States in the 1950s, it allowed employees to come to work on Friday wearing more casual clothing than on other days of the week. In the 1980s the trend spread to Europe. Since every day of the week has now become Casual Friday due to the prevailing dress codes of casual chic and business chic, the day has largely lost its meaning. But if you're looking for an excuse to go to work a little more casually on Friday, you can look to Casual Friday.

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