We all know it: Giving is fun, but finding the perfect gift can be a real challenge - especially when you're on a budget. That's why we've put together ideas for little gifts for you that are guaranteed to impress others. You will also find out when and for whom a small gift is perfect.

gift trifle

The most important tips, so that you are right with your little gift

Regardless of who you are giving a present to or for what occasion you are looking for a gift, you should observe the following tips so that you don't go wrong with your little gift:

  1. The gift should match the recipient. There is no universal gift. What you might hit the bull's eye with one friend can put your foot in it with the next.
  2. The size and presentation of the gift should be appropriate to your relationship. With an expensive souvenir you can unintentionally put pressure on a casual acquaintance. Also unpleasant: If you bring a gift with a heart motif to your work colleague, this can be misinterpreted.
  3. It doesn't depend on the price. With a little something as a gift, you can perhaps even trigger more joy than with an expensive designer vase. Because the focus is on the idea of ​​making the other person happy and not on the price. In addition, small things as gifts prevent the recipient from feeling pressured.
  4. Even small things as gifts should not be taken for granted. It's nice to surprise others with joy. However, this should never be associated with the expectation of getting something back. Otherwise gifts tend to become a barter transaction.
  5. Small gifts are often needed at short notice, for example when your work colleague spontaneously invites you to dinner. That's why it makes sense to always have a small supply of little things at home as gifts.

A little gift for every budget - cheap doesn't mean cheap!

First of all: Just because a gift is cheap doesn't make it cheap. With a targeted selection, you can find a gift for little money that will make the recipient happy. We have put together various little gifts for you for different budgets.

Gift little thing under 5 euros

With just five euros you can make others happy. In this budget, gifts for small moments of pleasure are best. Wellness and beauty products such as shower gel and bath salts or a good bar of chocolate or other goodies usually only cost a few euros.

Our recommendations for small gifts under 5 euros:

  • shower bath
  • Body lotion
  • hand cream
  • bath salts
  • Chocolate
  • chocolates
  • jam
  • spreads
  • Ballpoint pen
  • keychain

Gift little thing under 10 euros

With a budget of ten euros, you can already get the high-quality version of the little gifts mentioned above. But a good book, a few flowers or a scented candle are also included for ten euros. With higher-priced groceries such as a special type of coffee or an exquisite blend of spices, you not only make hobby cooks happy.

Our recommendations for small gifts under 10 euros:

  • A book
  • Flower
  • decorative items
  • scented candle
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • baking mix
  • Pillow
  • pocket warmer
  • anti stress ball

Gift little thing under 15 euros

For a budget of 15 euros you are guaranteed to find the right little thing as a gift. An evergreen among the practical little gifts are socks. If you don't want socks with "funny" motifs, then take a look at our online shop. There you will find socks with stylish prints. Hats and scarves are also beautiful and practical gifts - especially in the cold season. These are also available in our online shop.

Our recommendations for small gifts under 15 euros:

  • t shirt
  • Socks with cool designs
  • Cap
  • Scarf
  • earrings
  • Chain
  • hot water bottle
  • Wine
  • gin
  • Cup

The best ideas for little things as gifts

When it comes to giving presents, the recipient is much more important than the budget. Depending on how you relate to each other, different gifts are appropriate.

Small gift for friends

Since you know your friends' tastes, you shouldn't choose random gifts. Think carefully about what your friends like. With our stylish socks and hats you can show that you care about the well-being of your friends and that you know their taste. Gifts for time together, such as ingredients for a cocktail evening or a voucher for your favorite café, are also a good choice.

Our recommendations for small gifts for friends:

  • Ingredients for a cocktail evening
  • Voucher for your favorite café
  • Wine
  • socks
  • Cap

Gift trifle for family

With a gift for family members you can express that you value the time together. A personalized mug can be a reminder of a shared experience. But practical gifts like our warm gloves also show that you care about the well-being of your loved ones.

Our recommendations for small gifts for family members:

  • Voucher for joint activity
  • Ingredients for a joint cooking evening
  • personalized mug
  • framed photo
  • Gloves

A gift for couples and lovers

For your partner, a run-of-the-mill gift is an absolute no-go. But there are numerous little things that are still totally personal as a gift. With a keychain with an engraving or a photo, your loved one can always carry you with them. But you can also show with one of our shirts that you know the taste of your partner - or at least give a subtle hint what you like about him or her. ;)

Our recommendations for small gifts for couples and lovers:

  • Voucher and ingredients for a romantic dinner
  • Wine
  • t shirt
  • personalized pillow
  • keychain

Small gift for colleagues

Since you don't usually know the tastes and preferences of your colleagues, general gifts are a good choice. With typical office tools such as a special coffee cup or a cool office gadget, you can make everyday office life easier for your colleagues.

Our recommendations for small gifts for colleagues:

  • Voucher for a restaurant or café in the area
  • coffee pot
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • office gadget

Gift trifle for both sexes

Actually, men and women are not that different when it comes to matching little gifts. With a bar of chocolate you will delight female and male sweet tooths alike. That's why we present great gifts from the collection of little things for men and women below.

Gift of trifle for women

For Görls we have many little gift ideas with which you can make women stylish. In addition, our vegan Riesling wine spritzer "Weinigkeit" is a great gift for the next girls' night out.

Our recommendations for gifts of small things for women:

  • T-shirt with graffiti print
  • Hat with motif
  • soft scarf
  • warm gloves
  • vinousness

Gift of trifle for men

In our collection for Bois we have numerous little things that are perfect for a gift. The "little gin" is the perfect drink for an evening together and a perfect gift for gin fans.

Our recommendations for gifts of small things for men:

Gift trifle for every occasion and every moment of life

There are many good reasons to give a little something away. We have put together the best little gifts for every occasion.

Gift little thing for birthday

Showing up for a birthday without a present is an absolute no-go. Depending on the relationship you have with the birthday child, different gifts are suitable. If it is a casual group, you can contribute to the success of the party with a drink. But individual gifts such as clothing are also a good choice if you know the birthday child well.

Our recommendations for birthday gifts:

Gift trifle for Christmas

At the festival of love you can express with a gift that friends and family members are important to you. It doesn't matter how expensive the gift is. Even small things can show that you have thought about the recipient. With gifts like our scarf, hat or gloves, your loved ones won't get cold even in winter. Or you provide emotional moments with a photo book with your experiences of the past year.

Our recommendations for small gifts for Christmas:

Gift little thing for the wedding

In addition to gifts of money, small gifts are often given at weddings so that you don't end up empty-handed. Personalized gifts with a shared family name are a great gift. You can also use the gift to celebrate your bond with the bridal couple, for example by giving away a photo album with your shared experiences.

Our recommendations for wedding gifts:

  • Photo album with shared experiences
  • personalized light image
  • Rose bush for the garden
  • Voucher for couple activity
  • Key ring with the family name

Gift as a thank you

If you want to thank someone with a little something, then a gift that you can do something good for him or her is the right choice. In addition to the classic thank you flowers, wine and chocolate, wellness products are a lovely gift. This way you can give back a little of the support you have received through moments of relaxation.

Our recommendations for small gifts as a thank you:

  • Flower
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • wellness products
  • scented candle

Gift little thing as a souvenir

As a guest at a dinner party, you shouldn't show up empty-handed. After all, the hosts invite you into their home and cook for you at their expense. With little things that fit the occasion of the evening, such as a good bottle of wine or gin, you are definitely on the right track. A bouquet of flowers is always a fitting gift. If you are more into living plants, houseplants like monstera or orchids are great souvenirs.

Our recommendations for small gifts as souvenirs:

  • Bunch of flowers
  • houseplant
  • Wine
  • gin
  • whiskey

Put a smile on your face with special little gifts

Little gifts that are personalized, homemade or funny have a particularly good chance of being well received by the recipient. We introduce you to our favorites for these special little gifts.

Personalized little things as gifts

With a personalized gift, you clearly show that you thought about your counterpart when giving the gift. Fortunately, numerous providers now offer the opportunity to personalize a wide variety of items. You can turn the boring cup into a very individual gift with a personal message or a shared photo.

Our recommendations for homemade little gifts:

  • Mug with photo or saying
  • printed pillow
  • personalized phone case
  • photo calendar
  • Memory as a poster or on glass

Do-it-yourself trifle gift

With homemade little gifts you invest time instead of money - and that is usually worth much more. With homemade treats or beauty products, you can also cater to the taste of the recipient. Does your girlfriend love Prosecco? How about a homemade Prosecco spread? It's guaranteed not to be available everywhere.

Our recommendations for homemade little gifts:

  • jam
  • spreads
  • Pesto
  • bath salts
  • Advocaat

Funny little things as gifts

With an ironic gift, you don't have to worry about getting the gift wrong - because that's exactly the goal! A funny little gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. They'll probably cherish the gift precisely because it's so silly.

Our recommendations for funny little gifts:

  • Socks with special motifs
  • Mug with a funny saying
  • Sweets in a special format, such as marzipan burgers or wine gum sushi
  • Chewing gum for bad moods, e.g
  • Christmas tree pendants in crazy shapes, e.g. cocktails

Joker gift Little things with which you are always right

It's always good to have a joker gift ready in case you're spontaneously invited. These should be as universally applicable as possible so that both your work colleague and your uncle like them.

With these little gifts you won't be left empty-handed:

  • Scarf - A warm scarf in sober colors will keep everyone warm.
  • Gloves – Gloves are not usually tied to sizes.
  • Socks - We don't know anyone who doesn't wear socks.
  • Book – When it comes to literature, it makes sense to think outside the box.
  • Spices – even the most untalented cook needs salt and pepper.

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