You want to make your friend happy or just say thank you with a little something? Then you are right with us. We have put together the best gift ideas for your partner or buddy. So you are guaranteed to find the right little thing for your friend.

Something for a friend - to make your partner or buddy happy

Small gifts keep friendships - and relationships! Whether your friend is your partner or a buddy. With a suitable gift you strengthen your connection and make an important person in your life happy. That's why it's a good idea to think hard when choosing a gift to really find the perfect gift. It doesn't really matter what your budget is. With a selected little thing for your friend you can give a lot of joy for little money.

trifle for friend

What little thing can I give my friend?

While there are thousands of things you can do to please women, men are a little more complicated and finding gifts for boyfriends isn't all that easy. Many men tend to be more practical and will not be able to gain much from a bouquet of flowers or decorative scented candles (exceptions prove the rule!). In order to find the right gift, you should consider what interests and wishes your friend has. Because the most important thing is that the gift suits your boyfriend and your relationship. We especially love gifts that connect you and your friend and stand for your relationship in a figurative sense - be it through time together or a memory together.

Our top 10 favorites list Something for a friend

You have little time and are looking for a gift that you are guaranteed to be right with? These are our ten absolute favorite gifts for friends:

  1. going to a music or sporting event together

  2. Photo as Netflix or Spotify cover

  3. photo album

  4. joint cooking evening

  5. Console game "It takes two"

  6. Socks with a fancy print

  7. T-shirt with chest print

  8. warm gloves

  9. trifle gin

  10. good coffee

How can I surprise my friend?

We all know that there are many small wishes in our everyday life that are denied to us. That's where you come in as the perfect friend! A small technical gadget that makes everyday life easier (e.g. a particularly long charging cable) can be just as great a surprise as a good gin or warm gloves. Also surprising are gifts that involve you spending time with your friend—perhaps even doing an activity you don't actually enjoy. In any case, it is a great token of friendship or love to give away tickets to attend a game of your district league club together - even if the costs are low. 😉

What little thing can my friend use?

Men have wishes too - they just don't always say them. That's why you're in demand! Think about your friend's hobbies and interests, and what little gadgets add extra fun or convenience. A keyboard vacuum cleaner or an LED light for the shisha are luxury in small format and therefore perfect practical gifts. But everyday practical things that men like to neglect also make great gifts. Your friend will also appreciate a soft scarf, warm gloves and a stylish hat if he usually pretends not to be cold.

What do I give as a gift when we're just new together?

When your relationship is new, it's even harder to find a gift that fits your boyfriend's interests. It is best to think about what he has done with you, what he often talks about, or simply ask. This way you get to know your friend better and can choose the perfect gift.

Personal little thing for friend

A personal gift is a great way to celebrate your relationship or friendship. Memories with photos or personalized products are very individual gifts. Many providers make it easy to personalize numerous items online. It doesn't matter whether it's a cushion with a photo motif, an unusual poster print as a Netflix or Spotify cover or personalized wine labels for your very personal party - a gift can hardly be more individual than printed with your names and memories.

Our recommendations for a personal treat for your friend:

  • photo album

  • Photo as Netflix or Spotify cover

  • Pillow with photo

  • personalized keychain

  • personalized labels for beer or wine bottles

Shared experiences and action as a gift for a friend

Nothing is more valuable than time together. That's why it's always a great idea to give away shared experiences. Big gestures don't have to be expensive at all: going to a game of his district league club together is a great token of love. But a laser tag or paintball game together creates unforgettable memories and strengthens your relationship. With a shared experience, you can also fulfill your friend's long-cherished wishes. For example, has he ever driven an excavator?

Our recommendations for shared experiences with your boyfriend:

  • going to a music or sporting event together

  • joint cooking or cocktail evening

  • Paintball or laser tag game

  • excavator ride

  • Off-road bike tour

Handy little thing for friend

Your friend is more practical? Practical things can also be nice gifts. With LED elements you can visually enhance both the gaming room and the shisha. Passionate hobbyists and screwdrivers are guaranteed to be happy about a personalized tool. And if you want to support elsewhere: Warm gloves or a cool fanny pack are a good compromise between practicality and style.

Our recommendations for a practical little something for your friend:

  • desk vacuum cleaner

  • LED elements

  • personalized tools

  • warm gloves

  • cool fanny pack

Fancy and cool little thing for friend

Your relationship or friendship is unique - no run-of-the-mill gift fits. With unusual little things you show your friend that you are not a bore. If your friend loves gaming (and you less) then It takes two game is a cool gift. Because the game can only be mastered together and is also suitable for gaming beginners. But socks with funny prints or a personalized barbecue branding iron are gifts that your friend certainly didn't expect.

Our recommendations for an unusual and cool little something for your friend:

  • It takes two for PC, PlayStation or Xbox

  • Printed socks

  • Color powder for campfires

  • chocolate tool

  • Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

Funny little thing for friend

Whoever laughs together, stays together. Humor is the perfect ingredient for any relationship and friendship. That's why a fun gift is always a good idea. In addition, you avoid disappointment on both sides if the gift selection was more of a flop. After all, you are deliberately wrong with funny gifts. Don't judge us, but we can laugh a lot at funny underwear and kamasutra card games.

Our recommendations for a fun little treat for your friend:

  • Boxer shorts with your face

  • candy string

  • Kama Sutra card game

  • Golf or basketball game for the toilet

  • beer bath bombs

Homemade snack for friend

A homemade gift may not cost much money, but you invest time and effort in it - and that makes them valuable. With a jam in the flavor of your friend's favorite drink (e.g. gin and tonic, pina colada etc.) you also have a unique gift that cannot be bought everywhere. Homemade spreads and pesto, his favorite cake or a self-made photo album are gifts that cost little but contain a lot of love.

Our recommendations for a homemade treat for your friend:

  • jam

  • spreads

  • Pesto

  • cakes or biscuits

  • photo album

Something for a friend for every occasion

Are you looking for a gift for your friend for a specific occasion? We have the perfect gift ideas for little things for every celebration.

Something for a friend for his birthday

Your friend is the center of attention on his birthday. Therefore, the gift should suit him perfectly and fulfill his secret desires.

Our recommendations for a little something for your friend for his birthday:

Something for a friend for Christmas

With a Christmas present, you can look back on the past year together or already make plans for the new one.

Our recommendations for a little something for your friend for Christmas:

  • photo calendar

  • photo yearbook

  • personalized Christmas ball

  • warm gloves and soft scarf

  • Tickets for music or sports event

Anniversary treat for friend

On your anniversary you celebrate yourself and your love. Personalized and romantic gifts and shared memories are exactly the right choice.

Our recommendations for a little something for your friend on their anniversary:

  • going to a music or sporting event together

  • embroidered scarf

  • photo album

  • personalized keychain

  • Bracelet or necklace with engraving

Something for friend for Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day gifts can be romantic and erotic. Because on this day you celebrate love and passion. A gift that will add momentum to the relationship is an excellent choice.

Our recommendations for a little something for your friend on their anniversary:

Something for a friend as a souvenir

We can only repeat ourselves: Small gifts keep friendship alive. With a little something as a gift, your friend will grin even wider when he opens the door for you.

Our recommendations for a little something for your friend as a souvenir:

You are always right: a little something for your friend

Still not sure what to give your friend? With the fashion of small things you always make a good choice. Our clothes stand for pure joie de vivre and are real eye-catchers. With them you can breathe new life into your friend's wardrobe and show him that you know and love his style. Our little gin is also a great gift idea for fans of good drinks.

Our favorite little things as a gift for your friend: