Are you looking for a little something for your girlfriend that will make her heart beat faster? At you will find a large selection of gifts that are guaranteed to bring joy. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or simply as a small thank you in between - we have ideas for small gifts that are perfect for every occasion.

How about a bottle of wine , for example? We offer the remedy for thirst. Or should it rather be a gift box ? Our gift boxes are perfect for women as they contain our most popular classics. Each box contains handpicked products that will surely delight your girlfriend. is all about creating special moments. We believe that a small gift often says more than a thousand words. That's why we have the right gift for every occasion and every taste. Order today and surprise your girlfriend with a little something that comes from the heart.

Little thing for girlfriend

Little thing for girlfriend: she has a sweet tooth! Cute gift ideas

Are you looking for a little gift for your girlfriend who has a penchant for sweets? Then you are exactly right with us! We have put together a selection of sweet gifts that will make any sweet tooth's heart beat faster.

Here are some suggestions for gifts to give your girlfriend:

  • A personalized chocolate bar with a sweet message
  • A candy box with a variety of sweets that she loves
  • A selection of gourmet marshmallows in a variety of flavors
  • A DIY kit for making candies or chocolates at home
  • A pack of different types of high quality chocolate or truffles

With these sweet gifts you can surprise your girlfriend and make her happy. She will surely be amazed by your attention! Remember that it's not always the size or price of the gift, but the gesture and the thought behind it. A little candy can often bring more joy than an expensive gift.

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your sweet tooth with a little something that will make your day! Our wines also go well with this!

Little thing for girlfriend: She is an adventuress!

Small gifts can often bring great joy, especially if they are perfectly tailored to the recipient. If your girlfriend is an adventurer, then a little something adventure-themed could make the perfect gift. Maybe you are already planning a road trip together or you are passionate hikers. In this case, a little something that picks up on the adventure theme can be a great surprise.

Here are some suggestions for little things that might make your adventurous friend's heart beat faster:

  • Personalized travel journal to record memories of trips together

  • Key ring with compass or hiking pendant

  • Water bottle with snap hook to easily attach it to the backpack

  • Outdoor emergency kit with fire starter, knife and other handy tools

  • Adventure or hiking guide to a nearby national park or hiking area

  • Personalized passport holder or luggage tag
  • Binoculars to enjoy the view on the next hike
  • Travel adapter so your girlfriend can always stay connected
  • Something for your best friend: A durable t-shirt or hoodie to protect you from wind and weather.

With these ideas you are sure to find a suitable little something for your adventurous girlfriend or your best friend.

Little thing for girlfriend: She's a nerd!

If your girlfriend is a nerd, then you're in luck! Because that means she's passionate about things and has unique interests. Here are some ideas for little things she might like:

  • A bookmark in the design of your favorite book or film

  • A mug with a quote from her favorite series or game

  • A poster or art print of the Star Wars universe or any other nerd world she loves

  • A USB stick in the design of your favorite character or game

  • A comic book or manga she's not familiar with

  • deep cut-outs in the décolleté, on the stomach, on the shoulders or on the leg (applies to women and men!)

  • A keyboard cover with the key bindings of your favorite game
  • A personalized mouse pad with your favorite character or phrase

  • A 3D print of a character from your favorite game or movie

Little things like that are perfect to show your girlfriend that you value her and her interests. They're also great for surprising your best friend if she's a nerd too. There are many ways to find something that perfectly matches their interests and personalities. With a little creativity and research, you're sure to find the perfect gift.

Little thing for girlfriend: She's a jock!

If your friend is an avid athlete, then you probably want to give her a little something that ties in with her passion. We have some ideas for you that she will surely appreciate.

  • A fitness bracelet to record your training data

  • A water bottle to keep them hydrated during exercise

  • A pair of non-slip socks for yoga or pilates

  • A comfortable and fluffy T-shirt for well-being during training

  • A cool sports bra that is comfortable and functional

  • A foam roller to relieve sore muscles

  • A training mat for yoga or gymnastics exercises

  • A training hoodie for spring and fall training

  • Joggers that go with the hoodie and t-shirt

Whether it's a little something for your girlfriend or your best friend, these gift ideas will surely enhance their sporting activities. Show her that you share and support her passion by giving her a gift she can use at any workout.

Little thing for girlfriend: She's a jock!

If your girlfriend is a real cat mom, you're in luck! Because that means that you always have a way to give her a little pleasure. We have a few ideas for you on how to give your cat mom friend a little surprise:

  • Personalized Cat Calendar: Surprise your girlfriend with a personalized calendar featuring her beloved cats.

  • Cat Earrings: How about cute cat shaped earrings? It's a sweet yet understated way of expressing your love for your four-legged friends.
  • Cat Book: If your girlfriend loves cats, she will surely appreciate a nice book about cats.

  • Cat T-Shirt: Surprise her with a t-shirt with a cute cat design. This is perfect for relaxing weekends at home.

  • Cat pillow: A cozy pillow with a cat motif is not only pretty to look at, but also super comfortable.

Your cat mom friend is sure to appreciate one of these little things and make her even more in love with her beloved cats. And the best part is that you can show her that you respect and value her interests and hobbies.

gift for girlfriend

Our top 10 opportunities for a little something for your girlfriend!

Small gifts for your friend are a great way to show them how much they mean to you. But for which occasions are they particularly appropriate? Here are our top 10 opportunities for a little something for your girlfriend:

  • Anniversary: ​​A small gift can make the anniversary even more special. Think about what your girlfriend likes and surprise her with it.
  • Birthday: Even if you have already planned something bigger for your girlfriend's big day, a little gift in the morning or in the evening can round off the whole thing perfectly.
  • Valentine's Day: A small gift for Valentine's Day is a sweet gesture and shows your girlfriend that you are thinking of her.
  • Passed exam: Passed the exam? Congratulations! A little reward can show her that you're proud of her.
  • New job: If your friend has found a new job, a little gift can boost her confidence and show her that you have her back.
  • Moving to a new apartment: A little something for your girlfriend's new apartment, like a nice plant, can make the move even more exciting.
  • Stressful week: If your friend has had a stressful week, you can give her a little surprise and cheer her up.
  • Illness: If your friend is ill, you can make her happy with a little something and show her that you are thinking of her.
  • The joint cooking evening: If you and your girlfriend cook together, you can show how much this time together means to you with a little gift. Bringing a bottle of our wine to dinner is perfect for this.
  • Just like that: You don't need a special occasion to give your girlfriend a little treat. A sweet gesture can also provide a positive surprise in everyday life.

A little something for your girlfriend does not have to be expensive, but it shows your appreciation and attention. Think about what could make your girlfriend happy and surprise her with it.

FAQ: Gift ideas for girlfriend

What can I give a friend for her birthday?

Create a special attention, e.g. a joint trip or a joint activity. Personalized gifts such as jewelery or an engraving can also be a good idea. We have the right Görls for you!

What to give if you have no idea?

In this case, it can make sense to think about your girlfriend's interests and hobbies and then specifically look for a gift that goes with them. Alternatively, a voucher for a joint activity or a joint experience is also an option. Our little gin or our little things are also popular gifts. And if all else fails, we also have matching gift boxes so you don't have to worry about a thing!

What do I get my girlfriend for Christmas?

Again, the solution depends on your girlfriend's interests and preferences. It might be a good idea to give something personal, such as a homemade photo album or a personalized gift. Another option is to give her something to experience together, like concert tickets or a weekend getaway.