Children love gifts - no matter if small or big. Giving children presents is therefore usually easier than finding a suitable present for adults who already have everything. Nevertheless, a gift for children should be well selected and meaningful. Because then the joy is twice as great - for the children and for the parents. We have put together little things for children that we believe are perfect gifts for every occasion and every age. This guarantees bright children's eyes.

trifle for children

Choosing little things for children – you should pay attention to this when choosing a gift

Disappointing a child with a gift is almost impossible. Nevertheless, you should consider a few tips when making your selection so that you can choose the perfect gift:

  1. Children have interests. From an early age, some children prefer to be in nature, others are enthusiastic about creative tasks or love to play with human or animal figures. Observe the child in everyday life or ask the parents to choose a gift that matches the child's interests.

  2. Great gifts don't have to be expensive. Children do not ask about the price of the gift. That's why selected little things make great gifts. Overloading children with expensive gifts usually only leads to satiety instead of more joy.

  3. Inexpensive, but never cheap! Especially as a gift for children, you should rely on high-quality and non-toxic products. This protects your health and keeps you from tears: if a gift breaks quickly because it is cheaply made, you will be very disappointed.

  4. Don't overwhelm the child. A football because the three-year-old is supposed to be the next Messi? A challenging book? An experiment kit to promote understanding of the natural sciences? All of these can make great gifts, as long as they're age-appropriate. Overwhelmingly leads to frustration. Instead of more interest, rejection threatens. In addition, gifts should not be loaded with exaggerated expectations of the child's development. The easiest way to learn is to have fun.

  5. Practical gifts are better than the 100th stuffed animal. Many children have more toys than they need. A practical gift like a warm hat may not inspire as much enthusiasm as a large stuffed animal, but you can be sure that you are doing something good for the child. And you can buy many practical things such as clothing, backpacks or lunch boxes in an original design. It is best to ask the child's parents what is needed at the moment.

Little researchers, creative minds or dinosaur fans? Original gifts for children with different interests

From a certain age, children know exactly what they like - and what they don't like. This will help you to find the right gift. Some children love action and nature. Using a ball or a magnifying glass to research bugs will spark enthusiasm. Other children like to do handicrafts and are creative. With beads made of plastic or wood you can create very individual pieces of jewellery. Does the child love horses, dinosaurs or cars? Then there are countless gifts - from the book to the game figure to the motif lunch box - on this topic, with which you are spot on. If you simply cannot find a suitable lunch box for the meerkat fan: Many shops offer a personalization of various products.

Guaranteed to be right: Our top 10 little things for children

Are you looking for quick inspiration? We hit the mark with kids (and parents) with these ten little gifts:

  1. game piece

  2. craft set

  3. ball

  4. tonie

  5. Lego set

  6. exit game

  7. sand toys

  8. Accessories for the kitchen, grocery store or workshop

  9. Kids Körütze

  10. Bäbibaddi

Small gifts for children of all ages

How you can make children happy depends heavily on their age. We have put together for you which gifts go down particularly well in which age group.

Little things for children in infancy

Babies usually need practical things above all. New parents can hardly save themselves from cuddly toys and comforters. In addition, the newborn does not even register what you are getting. With diapers, a night light and rompers you are spot on. By the way, that doesn't have to be boring: for small things there are rompers with cool prints - which can also be combined with matching shirts for mum and dad.

Our recommendations for little things for babies:

Little things for children under 3 years

In the first years of life, children develop their first interests. In general, gifts that develop motor and cognitive skills are useful gifts. Wooden building blocks are sustainable and promote creative thinking and spatial imagination. Kneading and painting (or rather scrawling) are also popular toddler activities.

Our recommendations for little things for children under 3 years:

  • wooden blocks

  • Play dough or wax crayons

  • hand puppet

  • tonie

  • Plush toy with snooze support

Little things for children under 6 years

At this age, almost any gift inspires enthusiasm. That's why you can also choose a gift that arouses a new interest. New books and radio plays are great for this. If the child already has a kitchen, a workshop or a shop, you can equip it with new equipment for new play ideas. Of course you have to stop by as a guest or customer.

Our recommendations for little things for children under 6 years:

  • (Picture book

  • radio plays

  • animal figure

  • Accessories for the kitchen, workshop or general store

  • sand toys

Little things for children under 10 years

Children of this age usually already have clear interests. We therefore recommend asking the child directly what they would like. At this age, craft sets, sporting goods and outdoor equipment are very popular with little researchers.

Our recommendations for little things for children under 10 years:

  • outdoor equipment

  • age-appropriate board game

  • craft set

  • Sporting goods such as balls or rackets

  • water gun

Little things for children over 10 years

At this age, children are on the verge of adolescence. While some children between the ages of ten and twelve are still very playful, others already want to do “adult things”. But even the grown-up ten-year-old cannot resist a visit to the leisure or climbing park. With advanced Lego sets or a customized themed jigsaw puzzle, you can show them that play isn't childish at all.

Our recommendations for little things for children over 10 years:

  • Visit to the leisure or climbing park

  • Lego set

  • Puzzle with personalized motif

  • Science kit

  • Kids Cap by Kleinsache

Little things for teenage kids

They grow up so fast! Shared experiences are a great way to capture memories. Tickets for events by their favorite band or club are very popular with teenagers. You have done everything right if you are allowed to go along. Otherwise, teenagers always need money. The grin when you open the envelope will show you: uncreative does not mean inappropriate. A little more inspired: A voucher from your favorite shop, for example from Kleinsache. 😉

Our recommendations for little things for teenage children:

  • exit game

  • Tickets for a music or sporting event

  • Voucher for your favorite shop, eg a little something

  • Money

Small gifts for girls and boys

There is no such thing as a typical girl or a typical boy. Boys who want to play with dolls should be given dolls, girls who like to play soccer should be given a ball. However, there are gifts that are particularly popular with girls and boys.

Little things for girls

Many girls love to play creatively. Handicraft sets or high-quality crayons are great gifts that children can use to develop their creativity. Many girls are also enthusiastic about nature and animals. Animal figures or (picture) books are educational gifts that encourage you to delve deeper into these topics.

Our recommendations for little things for girls:

Little things for boys

Gifts that help boys really work out are a good idea for both children and parents. A ball or a yo-yo promote motor skills. Cars are also very popular with many boys. Many little researchers are also very fascinated by dinosaurs.

Our recommendations for little things for boys:

  • ball

  • Yo-yo

  • toy car

  • dinosaur figure

  • Kids Cap

small gift for children

Small gifts for children for every occasion

Are you invited to the children's birthday party or to school enrolment? Are you looking for a little something for children for Christmas or Easter? Or just a small gift? We have put together our favorite gifts for children for every occasion.

Little things for children on their birthday

Birthdays are much more important for children than for adults. No wonder, after all, at seven you're still looking forward to getting older. The birthday is therefore the day to fulfill children's small and big wishes. It is best to ask what the child wants and choose a gift that matches their interests.

Our recommendations for little things for children on their birthday:

Little things for children for Christmas

Christmas presents are a great idea to spend the quiet festive season together or alone. Our favourites: Board games, Lego and puzzles.

Our recommendations for little things for children at Christmas:

  • Parlor games such as exit games

  • personalized jigsaw puzzle

  • Lego sets

  • (Picture books

  • Tickets for music or sports event

Little things for children at Easter

If you want to give away a little something for Easter, then it should actually be small so that it can be hidden well. Since the warm season is just around the corner, outdoor toys for Easter are just the right gift choice.

Our recommendations for little things for children at Easter:

  • game piece

  • tonie

  • sand toys

  • Equipment for outdoor activities, eg magnifying glasses, flashlights or children's pocket knives

  • plant set

Little things for children at the beginning of school

Of course, everything that can be useful at school is given as a gift for school enrollment. But most school beginners are probably already fully equipped anyway. So toys can also be given away for school enrolment.

Our recommendations for little things for children at the beginning of school:

  • Lunch box with a funny motif

  • practical mini stapler

  • good colored pencils

  • Science kit

  • game piece

Little things for children as souvenirs

Are you visiting relatives or friends with children? A small souvenir will make you a favorite visitor to children in no time at all. The gift should really only be a small thing.

Our recommendations for little things for children as souvenirs:

  • game piece

  • hand puppet

  • Bäbibaddi with motif

  • chocolate figure

  • Wine gums in a special shape or packaging

Practical little things for children: What do you give children who already have everything?

Many children's rooms are bursting at the seams because relatives and friends mean too well when giving toys. But you don't always have to give away toys. Parents will be happy if you simply ask what is needed. Maybe you can contribute something to the new daycare, school or sports equipment. Clothing is also always needed, because children are known to grow.

Our recommendations for practical little things for children:

  • Clothing, e.g. t-shirt or cap

  • materials for school

  • sports equipment

  • cloth diapers

  • Money for the savings account

Always a great gift guaranteed: fashion from Kleinsache for children

Children grow fast. Therefore, new clothes are regularly necessary. Our children's fashion from Kleinigkeit makes great and practical gifts. Shirts, hoodies, hats, rompers and much more can be found in the Kleinigkeit online shop. Many stylish motifs are also available in women's and men's sizes. So mum and dad can appear in a partner look with their little ones.

These are our recommendations for fashion from little things for children: