Are you looking for a little something to make your partner, father or colleague happy? We've put together the best little things for men so you'll never be left empty-handed with the perfect gift again.

What do men want (as a gift)? Little things for men

It's not just when we're looking for a gift that we ask ourselves what the opposite sex really wants. It's not that difficult: It doesn't matter what gender or age - we are all happy when others think of us.

It doesn't matter how much money you spend. What matters is the gesture. That's why you shouldn't look at the budget first when looking for a gift, but rather consider which gift suits the recipient. Because every man is unique.

We help you with our ideas for little things for men to find the right gift.

Little things for men

Dos and Don'ts - Tips for finding the perfect little things for men

It doesn't matter who you want to give a present to and for what occasion - in order to choose the right little thing for men as a gift and not go wrong with your gift, you should heed the following tips when choosing a gift:

  • It's the thought that counts, not the price. An individual gift for 5 euros is much better received than an expensive run-of-the-mill present. So think less about how much money you want to spend and more about what the man receiving the gift might like.
  • watch. What are the men around you looking forward to? Which gift for men do others choose? This is often a good orientation - especially if you are still completely clueless.
  • The gift should fit your relationship and be appropriate. Be careful not to send unwanted signals with the little thing. Even if your colleague loves roses, a bouquet to say thank you for their support can quickly be interpreted as a romantic gesture.
  • Quality is also available at a low price. Avoid gifts that appear cheap. That doesn't mean you have to be expensive - on the contrary!
  • Men see some things differently than women. With decorative items and scented candles you will not be able to score with all gentlemen of creation. Many are more practical and appreciate useful gifts. But the same applies here, of course: THE man does not exist.

The 5 top little things for men

In our online shop we have many little things for men, which are the perfect choice if you are looking for a great gift.

Our top 5 little things for men are:

Gifts for every type of man

Men are diverse. In order to find the perfect little thing, you should consider what type of man you are giving gifts to. Because depending on the interests and priorities of the recipient, he will be happy about different attentions.

The sportsman

You make athletes happy with outdoor activities or visiting a sporting event together (even if it's just the district league match). But a ball or a mini golf or basketball game for the home are also great gift ideas. The main thing is that he can move.

Our recommendations for little things for athletes:

  • going to a sporting event together
  • hike together
  • football, basketball or volleyball
  • Mini golf or basketball game for the home
  • snapback

The adrenaline junkie

The adrenaline junkie always needs action. A book may not be the right gift to make him happy. A night hike, excavator ride or an off-road bike tour is more likely.

Our recommendations for little things for adrenaline junkies:

  • night walk
  • Visit to a climbing park
  • Off-road bike tour
  • excavator ride
  • pocket knife

The technology genius

The technology genius knows the latest technology trends before you anyway. That's why practical gadgets and fun accessories are great gifts for all men with a fascination for technology.

Our recommendations for little things for technology geniuses:

  • desk vacuum cleaner
  • hologram lamp
  • LED elements
  • Tetris keychain
  • Powerbank in an unusual design

The Tinkerer

Hobbyists know a solution for every problem. That's why they love practical gifts. Multifunction tool, protective and warming gloves or Lego kit make every hobbyist happy.

Our recommendations for little things for hobbyists:

  • Lego kit
  • multifunction tool
  • Gloves
  • Engraved hammer or folding rule
  • chocolate tool

The gourmand

Gourmets like to enjoy – depending on their preference, juicy steaks, spirits or good coffee. A special pleasurable experience or practical accessory for the kitchen and bar are therefore the perfect little things for men who are real epicureans.

Our recommendations for little things for gourmets:

The fashionista

You make a fashion fan happy when your gift shows that you know their style and gives them new fashion impulses. With accessories as a gift, you're in the right place with fashion fans. The pieces by Kleinsache are of course particularly well suited for this.

Our recommendations for little things for fashionistas:

The globetrotter

To make a globetrotter happy, practical tools such as a cool fanny pack or special cosmetic products in travel size are great gifts. The important thing is that they must fit in the suitcase.

Our recommendations for little things for globetrotters:

  • SunSafe
  • practical fanny pack
  • passport cover
  • Stainless steel water bottle
  • Travel size cosmetic products

Little things for the men in your life

The right gift for you also depends on the relationship between you and the recipient. We have put together gift ideas for the most important men in your life.

gifts for men

Little things for men: gift for your partner

The partner is often the most important man in life. A gift for your loved one should be correspondingly individual and well thought out. You strengthen your relationship with joint activities such as a home-cooked dinner or a personalized key fob. With one of our t-shirts you can show that you know your partner's taste and what you like to see in him.

Our recommendations for little things for your partner:

Little things for men: the perfect gift for dad

You probably spend less time with your father now than you did when you were a child. That's why shared experiences make excellent gifts. Visit a sporting event together again. Or if your father is more of a pleasure type: An evening with a good glass of whiskey or a cigar is time together in the adult version.

Our recommendations for little things for your father:

  • Tickets for sporting events
  • cigar
  • whiskey
  • personalized beer glass
  • warm gloves

Little things for men: make grandpa happy

You can do something good for your grandfather with a gift. This works with a fine wine as well as with a homemade jam. Joint activities are also a good idea if your grandpa is still fit. By the way, a warm scarf made of little things keeps you warm on the way to the museum or the theater. ;)

Our recommendations for little things for your grandfather:

Little things for men: gift for your brother

If you know your brother's tastes, clothes make a great gift. With a stylish t-shirt from a new brand, you'll breathe new life into his wardrobe. Are you afraid of being wrong? With our cool socks with iconic prints you are guaranteed not to go wrong.

Our recommendations for little things for your brother:

Little things for men: the best gifts for best friends

A good drink or an evening together at a sports or music event - these are gifts that you can use to create great moments together with your buddy. But you also know your friend's style well enough to make him happy with a high-quality accessory such as a hat or socks.

Our recommendations for little things for your buddy:

Little things for men: Score points with colleagues

If your colleague has helped you out with a stand-in or an important presentation, a little something is a great thank you for their support. A cool office gadget or a good cup of coffee make everyday office life easier and are therefore perfect gifts for men in your college.

Our recommendations for little things for your colleague:

  • office gadget
  • plant
  • coffee pot
  • Coffee
  • Scarf

Little things for men for every occasion

Depending on whether you are looking for a romantic gift for Valentine's Day or a birthday present, different little things are the right choice. We have put together gift ideas for you that will make men happy for any occasion.

Little things for men for Christmas

Little things for men on their birthday

  • Voucher for joint activity
  • Beard care set
  • trifle gin
  • beer cake
  • whiskey stones

Little things for men for Valentine's Day or anniversary

Little things for men for Father's Day

  • personalized keychain
  • Engraved tool
  • Flashlight with special effects
  • cigar
  • trifle gin

Always hit the right note with a little something as a gift for men

Are you looking for a romantic, funny or action-packed gift? Here are our favourites.

Romantic gifts for men

  • Bath additive for a bubble bath together
  • Oil for a massage
  • private wine tasting
  • glass photo
  • photo pillow

Funny gifts for men

  • Golf or basketball game for the toilet
  • beer helmet
  • liquor splash
  • Kama Sutra
  • Salami cable reel

Crazy and original gifts for men

Outdoor and action gifts for men

  • fishing trip
  • excavator ride
  • shooting training
  • Cycling tour
  • football, basketball or volleyball

Practical gifts for men

  • multifunction tool
  • bottle opener
  • lighter
  • BBQ cutlery
  • Barbecue apron with personalized print

Personalized little things for men

A personalized photo or lettering makes every gift for men unique. Many providers make it possible to personalize a wide variety of items. You no longer have to simply print out the photo as a poster, but can design it as a Netflix or Spotify cover. This is a great gift idea, especially for series and music fans.

Our recommendations for personalized little things for men:

  • Photo as Netflix or Spotify cover
  • personalized labels for beer or wine bottles
  • engraved wine or whiskey glass
  • BBQ apron with personalized print
  • Grill branding iron with its own seal

Homemade little things for men

Pleasure doesn't have to cost a lot. Most men are happy about edible gifts. You can make these yourself. Another advantage: You can respond individually to the taste and preferences of the recipient. Your brother loves gin and tonic? A gin and tonic spread cannot be found in every store, but you can easily make it yourself.

Our recommendations for homemade little things for men:

  • spread
  • jam
  • Pesto
  • Cookies
  • self-designed chocolate bars

Gifts for men who have everything

Most men can fulfill their material desires – especially if they are small things. Surprising and unusual gifts are therefore the right choice for these men. These can be action-packed activities for little money, but also fun gifts. Personalized gifts such as an engraved whiskey glass or branded barbecue accessories are also gifts that make many men happy.