Comfortable AND fashionable – that’s what makes casual clothing. Find out here how to style casual clothing correctly and discover the casual looks from Kleinigkeit.

Casual Clothing

What do you mean by casual clothing and casual fit?

“Leger” is derived from the French word “léger”, which means “light”. When it comes to casual clothing, it's not about the weight of the items, but about the occasion. Casual clothing is suitable for all “lighter”, casual occasions. This is explicitly not classic business and office fashion, but rather a leisure look. What we mean by this is the leisure look for the street – not the jogging suit for the couch at home. Summery, casual looks that embody the light lifestyle of the summer months with light colors and thin fabrics and have a casual fit, i.e. not too tight, are particularly popular.

Difference between casual clothing and the casual look

In addition to the term “casual clothing”, the casual look is also often spoken of. This is the same dress code, upscale casual clothing. Both terms can therefore be used synonymously. As a rule, casual wear is used when casual clothing is meant. The term casual allows even more differentiation through dress codes such as Casual Chic / Smart Casual and Business Casual.

Where is casual clothing appropriate?

Casual clothing is particularly suitable for leisure time. Visits to friends and relatives and outings after work and on weekends usually only require a casual dress code. Even in many professional contexts, casual clothing is now absolutely accepted. The classic leisure wear with suits and costumes is only available in a few sectors. This has the advantage that you can wear your favorite items from Kleinigkeit not only in your free time, but also in the office.

Dos and Don'ts: Style Rules for Casual Dressing

To style casual clothing correctly, you should follow a few style rules, especially if invitations explicitly ask for this dress code. In most cases, extravagant outfits are not necessary or even undesirable. High heels, tight and baggy dresses or ties do not go well with a casual dress code. Blazer and jacket are not necessary, but can be combined with a casual outfit. Ultimately, casual clothing is less clearly defined than business and evening wear, so you have more leeway than with other dress codes. But there's one thing you should definitely keep in mind: Casual doesn't mean careless, so of course even casual clothing must be clean and intact.

Dos for casual clothing

  • Go for natural and muted colors. Plain-colored pieces are the perfect basis for a casual outfit.

  • You can also emphasize your figure with casual outfits, but the clothing doesn't have to be skin-tight - after all, you should feel good and be comfortable.

  • Subtle accessories and light make-up go perfectly with casual clothing.

  • Skirts and shorts should be at least knee length.

Don'ts for casual clothing

  • Neon, glitter and flashy colors as well as eye-catching patterns are not forbidden, but this is not a classic casual look.

  • Broken jeans with a destroyed or used look are a little too casual for the casual dress code.

  • Deep necklines in the décolleté, on the stomach, on the shoulders or on the legs are impractical and therefore untypical for casual clothing.

  • Typical office or evening wear (e.g. tie, bow tie, high heels, etc.) will likely make you overdressed for a casual occasion.

  • Jogging pants and sports clothes have no place in casual outfits.

Casual clothing for women

Women have a lot of choice when it comes to casual clothing: pants, skirts or dresses. Tops, T-shirts or blouses. Sneakers, ballerinas or sandals. There are many ways to style a casual look and nothing is actually completely forbidden. These items of clothing are real must-haves:

  • Light and dark wash jeans

  • Fabric trousers in muted colors

  • Tops and shirts with round and V-necks

  • Knitted or ribbed sweater

  • Blouses plain or with a pattern

  • Blazers in all colors

  • short and long cardigans

  • Denim and leather jackets

  • Quilted vest

  • white sneakers

  • Sandals

  • Ballerina flats

Casual clothing for men

Casual looks are much more comfortable than a suit and tie. In order to confidently style the dress code, we recommend the following items of clothing for men:

  • Light and dark wash jeans

  • Chino or fabric trousers in muted colors

  • Shirts with round and V-necks

  • Polo shirts plain or with a pattern

  • Loose shirts in plain colors, with a pattern or made of jeans

  • Sweater with a round neck or turtleneck

  • Jackets and blazers

  • Denim and leather jackets

  • Quilted vest

  • white sneakers

  • boots

How do you dress casually?

Casual clothing: You need these tops

Casual looks can be styled with almost any type of top. Both genders should only avoid necklines that are too deep and eye-catching colors and patterns. A cool print as an eye-catcher is definitely allowed.

The perfect trousers and skirts for casual looks

The casual dress code also prohibits very little when it comes to trousers and skirts. Jeans, trousers and chinos are particularly suitable, but suit trousers and skirts can also be chosen to give the look a more elegant touch.

Combine jackets and blazers with casual clothing

Layering is definitely allowed for casual looks. Shirts, cardigans and denim jackets can be perfectly combined with basic tops. With jackets and blazers you can refine casual clothing in just a few simple steps, for example for a private party or an office day with customer contact or meetings.

Casual shoes: You can't go wrong with white sneakers

When it comes to footwear, there are all-rounders that go with almost every casual outfit: white sneakers. They are equally suitable for women and men and can be combined with practically all clothing and colors. The white color gives the sporty look an elegant touch. White sneakers can be styled not only with trousers, but also with casual dresses and skirts. Of course, other shoes are also permitted. Just don't make it too uncomfortable (dress shoes and high heels) or too comfortable (hiking shoes and flip-flops).

Accessories for casual clothing

Of course, accessories are allowed for casual looks. As with the entire casual concept, the following applies: less is more. In addition to earrings, necklaces and bracelets, scarves and shawls go perfectly with casual clothing.

Buy casual clothing from small items

Casual doesn't mean boring - that's what the stylish, casual clothes from Kleinigkeit show. Our pieces are perfect for casual outfits with that certain something. Our unique prints give your outfit an individual touch. Görls and Bois will find perfect basic pieces, especially in the shorts and long shorts. Shirts, blouses, polos, knitwear and trousers from our Fine Line are perfect for refining a casual look.

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